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Team Handball Syllabus Spring 2010

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Department of Health Science, Kinesiology, Recreation and Dance


PEAC 1901-005: Special Topics: Team Handball

Table of Contents


Contact Information

Instructor: Helena Baert (BEd, BPE, MSc in Kinesiology)

E-mail: hbaert@uark.edu ( use email etiquette! Your name and class should always be included in every email)

Skype: helenabaert - I am often online to answer questions.

Skype Me!

Phone: 575-2976

Office: HPER 219 


Course Description:

This is an activity-based elective course in general studies that promotes wellness literacy. Students throughout the university may choose to take this course for credit.

It provides students a variety of opportunities to gain knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to improve and/or maintain one’s personal wellness. This course is an introduction to the activity of team handball. 



Skills: Passing, catching, dribbling, shooting

Tactics: Setting up the attack, creating space, deception, passing to open player, winning the point, team defense and offensive strategies.

Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the specific skills, tactics, etiquette, rules, and culture necessary to successfully engage in team handball. (written test, activity engagement)

  2. Demonstrate competency in the skills and/or tactics needed to successfully perform in team handball. (Skills test, activity engagement)

  3. Demonstrate an understanding of team handball literacy in relation to obtaining an active healthy lifestyle through the use of several inside and outside of class assignments. (team handball literacy tasks)

  4. Achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness. Diagnose personal activity levels, develop personal activity goals, implement a personal activity plan, and continually monitor physical activity. (Physical Activity Log)

  5. Enjoy social interaction during physical activity and exhibit personal and social responsibility when learning about and engaging in team handball. (Physical Activity log, responsibility rubric)


Course Assessment:

  • Exams 2 @ 10 = 20
  • Skill & Tactics Assessment 1 @ 5
  • Activity Logs 5 @ 2 = 10
  • Team Handball Literacy Assignments 2 @ 10 = 20
  • Activity Engagement = 30
  • Personal / Social Responsibility = 15

Total 100


  • Optional Class Activities [Bonus points]- Maximum of 5 bonus points may be earned


Grading Scale:

A = 85-100 (Excellent)

B = 75-84 (Above Average)

C = 65-74 (Average)

D = 55-64 (Below Average)

F = 54 or below (Failing)


Course Requirements:



2@ 10: 20 pts

An early term and mid‐term will be administered. The exams will generally consist of objective test items including true/false, multiple choice, matching, fill‐ins, and/or short‐answer questions. The content of the exams will reflect the course content.

Skill & Tactics Assessment

 5 points

A skill and tactics assessment will be administered at the end to this course. The skill battery will assess the most salient skills needed for successful engagement. The tactics battery will assess game play and use of game strategies.

Activity Log

5 @ 2: 10 pts

Students will maintain an Activity Log. The activity log will require students to regularly plan for and engage in physical activity and to record relevant activity information such as: frequency, intensity, type, and time of activity as well as adherence information including with/without workout partner(s), and rating of perceived enjoyment.

Requirements: At least 2 different activities per week, witness must sign activities

Team Handball Literacy


2 @ 10: 20 pts

Students will complete 2 assignments that are designed to enhance your capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic information and services regarding badminton and the impact on once general well being. These assignments will be matched to the specific learning needs of the students.

Activity Engagement

30 pts

Throughout the course an activity engagement rubric will be used to assess your level of preparation for and involvement in class. Attendance and preparation are integral to your success and represent a key element of the evaluation for this course requirement. Activity engagement will be assessed in three areas: (1) fitness development (e.g. warm‐ups), (2) skill and strategy development (e.g. activity task cards), and (3) tournament game play (e.g. fulfilling assigned role of ‘player’).This grade is given by the instructor.

Note: In order to earn full points for a task in any of the three activity engagement areas, you must be in purposefully involved for the entire time allocated to that task. Failure to do so will result in a loss of all associated points for that task.

Personal & Social Responsibility

15 pts

Students are expected to behave in ways that protect, preserve, and promote each students right to an appropriate educational environment. Each student will be assessed on individual and shared responsibility throughout the course. Example responsibilities include but are not limited to their daily role assignments and adherence to behavior management system. Please note the consequences below for violations. (See P/S Rubric Assessment)

Each class, the student gives themselve a grade for P/S management out of 3. (0=absent, for each of the following a point is deducted: late, unprepared, uncooperative, abusing equipment)

Violation #

Individual Consequence

Team Consequence


Verbal Warning N/A



Scheduled Conference - 5 P/S Resp. pts

-5 team points


Individual Contract - 10 P/S Resp. pts

-10 team points


Administrative Withdrawal from course - F


Optional Class Activity for Bonus Points

5 pts

Activity Engagement Outside‐of‐Class. Students have the opportunity to earn bonus points in this course by voluntarily engaging in formalized activity outside-of-class. The activity must be one that is offered though UofA University Intramural and Recreation Sports (http://imrs.uark.edu/). Options include but are not limited to UofA intramurals, activity and aquatics offerings, and club sports. To receive credit for this optional activity you must document your participation and include your involvement as part of your fitness journal or activity log. Note: An individual student can earn one point per outside of class activity up to maximum of five (5) bonus points.

Note: For each 6 hours of extra activity as described above you can earn 1 point. Other PEAC classes do not count! The activities must be the same or as part of an organized team. E.g. participating in a club, intramurals, 6 classes of yoga would all count. Joining the gym and working out once a week does NOT count.


Team Competition

  • Throughout the entire course students will be involved in a competition starting with 1/2 court games to full court games. In this competition, players are put into teams and each team will compete against another team each class. Points will be accumulated and added to the total team score.
  • In this system the focus is on play to improve your skill and tactics over time. Later in the course full games will be played. 
  • All games are timed by the instructor and the game could be stopped at any point (depending on the time we have during class)
  • Winning = 3 pts, Tie = 2 pts, Lose = 1 pt. These points are added to the total team points.
  • Teams can also be involved in team challenges/contests to accumulate points. This will be decided on by the instructor depending on the focus of the class each day.



Team Points Championship

Across the season individuals earn points for their team. Team points are acquired from role performance, fair play, and contest/game scores. Team pts determine season champions and a team’s place finish adds bonus points to your final grade.

Each class tournaments are organized and players can earn points for their team. At the end, all points are added to create the total points.


Season Champions Points Chase


Bonus pts added to your final grade

Team Incentive-Based Opportunities


Added to your team’s overall points.


1st Place


3rd Place

2 pts.

Team Uniforms Creation & Use


2nd Place


4th Place

1 pt.

Team Poster Creation



Additional Information:


  • Success in the course: As a student in the course, you may find that the grading system is somewhat “non-traditional”. This course employs a criterion‐referenced grading system in combination with a behavioral orientation. I have high expectations and believe that each student in this course has the potential to demonstrate above average performance. I will facilitate this process and assist each of you to be successful in this course. However, to accomplish this you must attend class and be actively engaged. You are held accountable on a regular basis for one or more graded tasks. Those students who attend class and are engaged will obviously earn better grades than those who do not! If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me as questions arise. Do NOT wait until the last week to ask questions.


  • Late work policy: All work is to be completed and handed in as scheduled. The nature of the course requires that all materials be completed by the assigned date in order to receive credit. Materials received past due will be accepted without consequence. In the event of extenuating circumstances and university-sponsored events, make up assignments may be assigned on an individual basis provided the student was proactive and sought the instructor’s approval PRIOR to the anticipated incident (refer to the current Undergraduate Studies Catalog, Appendix C, Student Handbook). Written documentation on letterhead stationery from faculty sponsor is required prior to the absence.


  • Attendance & Preparation: Based upon university policy, there is no distinction made between "excused" and "unexcused" absences and a student is permitted a maximum of four (4) absences. Any absence or fraction thereof exceeding that amount is cause for a failing grade in the course. In addition, failure to prepare for the class (i.e., attending class without the appropriate attire or materials ‘pen/paper’) will result in a penalty. Please be aware of the policies governing attendance and preparation and plan accordingly.



Each day late or unprepared = ½ absence

4 absences = Grade of F


  • Inclement Weather Policy: Effective Fall 1996: If inclement weather causes the Fayetteville Public School System to suspend and/or cancel classes, this class will also be cancelled. Check local TV and radios or the Fayetteville Public School system website (http://www.fayar.net) to confirm.


  • Communications: If you have any questions about the course material, email the instructor. The instructor will check e-mail on weekdays from 8am to 5pm and will respond to course-related questions within 48 hours. It is rare that the instructor checks e-mail between 5pm on Friday and 8am on Monday; e-mails received during this time period will be replied to as time permits on Monday and Tuesday.


  • Academic Honesty: The application of the University of Arkansas Academic Honesty Policy, as stated in the current Undergraduate Studies Catalog will be fully adhered to in this course. Grades and degrees earned by dishonest means devalue those earned by all students; therefore, it is important that students are aware of the University of Arkansas Academic Honesty Policy. Academic dishonesty involves acts which may subvert or compromise the integrity of the educational policy.


  • Locker Rental: One-semester locker rentals are available for dressing rooms and Fitness Center. Locker rentals may be handled at the Cashier's Office on the second level across from the Service Center. No purses, books, bags, clothing, or equipment is permitted in the hallways or weight room. Please use the appropriate dressing room, not HPER bathrooms for changing of attire.


  • Health/Safety: Due to the nature of this course you may be involved in physical activity. Accordingly, if you have legitimate medical concern, please see me. On days you will engage in physical activity it is mandatory that you dress appropriately and adhere to all required safety precautions.



Course Schedule*








Team Handball

Literacy Assignments



P/S Resp.





Course Orientation











Team creation

History, Rules












Ball Handling











Passing and Catching











Piston Movement and side stepping













Exam 1




PA Logs 1 & 2


Assignment 1




Check 1














Shooting and goal keeping











Defensive strategies











Offensive strategies












Exam 2




PA Logs 3 & 4


Assignment 2




Check 2



Transitions/ Team attack and defense












Tournament Day 1


            x x


Tournament Day 2














PA Log 5




Check 3


* The course schedule is tentative and subject to change

**Activity Engagement: 1) Fitness Development, 2) Skill and Tactic Development, 3) Tournament Game Play


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