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THB Assignments

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Assignment 1:

You have had only a few classes playing lead up games to team handball and know the sport included a variety of skills such as passing, shooting and dribbling. Both passing and dribbling are skills used in other sports.

For this assignment you will think of a drill/game/exercise that you can do to strengthen your passing or dribbling skills. Feel free to locate sources on the Internet and have a look at exercises that may have been designed for the game of basketball or football but that you re-design so these are appropriate for team handball. The key for this activity is to click the games webpage below, click Edit and add your game or activity on the webpage under the appropriate heading (passing or dribbling).

On the review day you must be ready to teach the game to the entire class.



Here are a few rules:

- You must add it to the webpage (click edit, type and click save)

- The activity/game/exercise MUST have a skill focus (passing OR dribbling)

- You must complete the activity according to the template (title of activity, time needed, equipment needs, detailed description of activity)

- You can NOT have the same activity twice!

- Your entire team must be able to play it! Nobody should be waiting for longer then a few seconds.

- You should not have an exercise that is on the warm-up cards

- The activity should last maximum of 5 minutes

- Keep it simple so your explanation is short.

- Note that we only have maximum 10 balls that dribble! We have about 20 balls you can throw with but only 10 can bounce. Please be aware as you will teach this game so you must be able that EVERYONE can be involved.

- Have some fun with it.



Add Games/Drills at the GAMES PAGE 

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