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Glossary THB

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Attack-A team or individual tries to score when they are in possession of the ball. 

Centerline-The line divides the court in the center, and the game begins at the centerline. 

Charging- An offensive player runs into or over a stationary defensive player who is in proper position. 

Checking-Body contact between attacker and defender with the torso and limbs as permitted by the rules. 

Circle- The nickname of the goal area line or 6 meter line. 

Depth of court- The longitudinal scope of the court from end line to end line. 

End Line- This is another term for the outer goal. 

Free-throw- This term describes how the ball is put back into play after a minor rule violation. The opponents maintain 3 meters from the player taking the free throw. 

Free-throw line- The dashed line at 9 meters used for taking free throws following minor fouls that occur between 6 and 9 meter lines opposite from the point of foul. The defense must be 3 meters from the ball. 

Goal area line- The 6 meter line or the circle. 

Goal throw- The throw taken by the goalie from inside the goal area after the goal deflects the ball over the goal or the end line or after an attacker throws the ball over the end line. 

Goalkeeper restraining line- The line is 4 meters away from the rear edge of the goal line.  The goalie must stand behind this line on a 7 meter throw. 

Long corner- The top and bottom corners of the goal post farthest from the ball. 

Referee throw- When players from both teams infringe the rules at the same time or gain simultaneous possession of a loose ball, the referee will throw the ball up between two players at center court (like a jump ball in Basketball). 

7 meter throw- A penalty throw awarded for serious fouls or other violations of the rules that destroy a clear scoring opportunity. Taken at 7 meter line. 

Short corner- The top and bottom corners of the goal post closest to the ball. 

Substitution area- Substitutes must enter and leave the game from an area 4.45 meters on either side of the centerline. 

Throw in- When a ball goes out of bounds across the sideline, it is put back into play from the spot where it went out of bounds. The player throwing the ball must have one foot on the sideline when making the throw. 

Throw in from the corner- A throw in is taken from the corner of the court when a defensive player (except the goalie) is the last to touch the ball as it goes out of bounds over the goalie line. 

Throw off- The throw off is taken after the referee's whistle and is a pass to a teammate at the centerline to start the game and after each goal scored. 

Zone defense- A ball orientated system in which every defender is responsible for a specific area.  

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