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Badminton Participation Agreement

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University of Arkansas

Beginning Badminton





Every physical activity contains inherent risk and it is impossible to ensure the complete safety of participants. Badminton is a reasonably safe activity as long as certain guidelines are followed. While Badminton does not require extraordinary strength, it does require a certain amount of physical conditioning. 


The most serious injuries you may suffer include, but are not limited to, death, paralysis, and head trauma. While cases involving these risks are uncommon, injuries do occur.  Avoidance of these risks requires careful attention to other participants and the use of sound and prudent judgment. Course will include skill enhancement sessions designed to heighten participant's awareness of contributing factors associated with catastrophic and other inherent risks.  Additionally, participants will receive instruction in techniques for avoiding or reducing these risks.


Less severe, but more common risks include, but are not limited to: sprains, strains and pulls, contusions, fractures, and blisters. These risks are congruent with improper technique, improper shoes, and falls.


Good sound judgment, attention to other participants, and familiarity with your surroundings and equipment can help reduce and eliminate these hazards. Safety should be your by word, and will be emphasized at every opportunity during your course.


Do you have any questions?


I have read the preceding warning and certify that I am physically fit for Badminton.  I further attest that I have sufficient experience to enable me to participate in this class.  I fully understand, appreciate and know the inherent risks that can occur while I am voluntarily participating in this activity.



Printed Name                                                                            Birth date         M/D/Y


Signature                                                                                  Date                 M/D/Y



Student / Teacher Agreement: After reading the syllabus, complete the following form by printing and signing your name as noted. Then, complete the date and return this portion of the syllabus before you leave class.


I___________________________________ (print), have read and understand the entire syllabus, most notably the absence policy, for PEAC 1471 (Beginning Badminton) as stated above.


Student Signature_________________________________Date___________________



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