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Badminton Wiki Research Assignment

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Wiki Research Assignment

Create an article of your choice in the Badmintonpedia!

Go to www.uarkpeac.pbwiki.com and sign up to get access to the wiki. Use the Quick Guide to using a wiki!



  1. Click on Badminton
  2. Choose a word to create a page around
  3. Helena will create a page for you when you decide on the word you will research about.  
  4. Do some research on your topic 
  5. Find information and paraphrase the content onto the page (no copying allowed, put things in your own words!)
  6. The information must be pertinent to the course + college students
  7. Make the article attractive and readable by:

a)      using bullets/lists not essay text

b)      use pictures

c)      use YouTube informative videos (short ones)

d)     format page and use headings

  1. Have at least 2 references that you will add using footnotes (see wiki quick guide)
  2. Connect the page adding hyperlinks to at least 2 other words on the wiki.
  3. If you need help, please do not hesitate to email Helena at any point! I also have a chat room on the wiki that you can use to ask me questions.

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