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Bowling Assignments

Page history last edited by Helena Baert 14 years, 5 months ago

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Bowling Assignments

Sign-up Sheet / Schedule of tasks


Note: You only sign up once! But watch to ake sure you sign up in the correct group!


Topic #



Writer #1

12:30 Group

Writer #2

2:00 group

Presenter #1

12:30 group

Presenter #2

2:00 Group

Presentation Date
1 History of Bowling 9/8

Kacee Carpenter 

Lanzy Brazear 

Justin Jones


Jacob Jenkins  9/10
2 Bowling Technique 9/8 Taylor Ogle  Brad Leslie Bradley Rachel Dennis  9/10
3 Bowling Equipment 9/13 Ryan Vaughn  Brook Perry  Ryan H. Brittany Nottenkamper  9/15
4 Lane Conditioning 9/13 Weldon L. 

Hiroaki Takano 

Tanner Horn  Brittany Crittenden  9/15
5 Bowling Rules 9/15  Terra Simon Billie Branscum    Zach Hashagen  9/17
6 Bowling Scores 9/15 Jason Brewster  Kelleigh Sprott    Jon Baugh 9/17
7 Warming-up 9/20 Kaitlin Chandler  Brandon Shipman  Sean K. Adonnys 9/22
8 Mental Game of Bowling 9/20 Keegan Walhood  Matthew Correll  Patrick Anderson Joey Aldrich 9/22
9 Bowling for beginners 9/22 Matt Williams  Tyler Vaughters    Stephanie Martin  9/24
10 Bowling for people with Special needs 9/22 Andy Chang  Matthew Davis  Tyler Wilson    9/24
11 The perfect game 9/27 Justin Wright  Kyle Todd Casey Kehoe 

Henry Adams 

12 Bowling Hall of Fame 9/27 Chelsea Slone  Griffin Moss  TJ Mohler Michael Lobov  9/29
13 Top 10 Bowling Sites (5 sites per writer) 9/27 Geneva Quinn  Aaron Fenton      
14 Collegiate Bowling 9/29 Tyler Brett  Tyler Carter   Alex Edington 10/01
15 Bowling Team USA 9/29 Will Skelton  Nathan Lancaster  Alex Evans    10/01


Task Explanation


1. Writers

  • 2 writers per topic, one from each class
  • Writers must write at least 250 words
  • Writers must include at least 1 picture or video
  • Writers must make at least 3 edits at different times to the content already created on the wiki
  • Content must flow and must be one coherent piece
  • 2 writers should collaborate and work together.
  • The due date is at 11:59 pm on the day stated. 1 day late means only receive maximum 1/2 marks. More than 1 day late, receive zero (0).
  • Presenters expect you to have text on the wiki prior to the due date so they can prepare so please respect that!
  • If you have questions, email me @ hbaert@uark.edu


2. Presenters

  • Presenters must present the content of the wiki in a short but interesting manner - maximum 5 min presentation
  • Presenters should rehearse the content - reading off a piece of paper is NOT acceptable
  • Presenters must prepare 3 test questions to ask the students following the presentation. These should be short answers, NOT multiple choice.
  • Test questions should be well presented and meaningful.
  • Presenters must be prepared to present on the day noted. The inability to attend class means you will receive a zero (0), unless something is arranged with the instructor at least 2 days prior to the presentation.
  • Props can and are encouraged to be used during presentation.
  • If no content is located on 1 day prior to the presentation, contact the instructor for advice. It is YOUR responsibility to contact the instructor so you can be provided with content to be presented! No content does NOT mean you will not present.
  • Make your presentation complete, interesting and engaging to listen to.
  • If you have any questions, email me @ hbaert@uark.edu




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