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Bowling Rules

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Writer 1: Billie Branscum

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Bowling Rules!!! 


In this video:

Clearly the lady not bowling needs to re-read the bowling rules to know what she did is unacceptable! 

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As in any sport there are rules, and in bowling there is no exception! Even though bowling can be done for fun or for tournament play there are a few essential rules that need to be followed.


Essential Bowling rules:[1]


1. Be courteouse to fellow bowlers.


2. Try to stick to only 1 ball for the entire game; using multiple balls can cause crowding for other bowlers.


3. Pay attention, and bowl when it is your turn!


4. If two bowlers are at the approach, the bowler on the right is suppose to go first.


5. DO NOT take food or drinks into the bowling pit area.


6. Bowling shoes must be worn if you plan on bowling.


7. When you are finished bowling always put your ball away and clean up your trash.


8. Wait for the other bowlers around you to be finished before you bowl.


For those who are interest in bowling in tournaments or leagues, the same rules as above are followed, along with some additional rules.


Tournament/ League Bowling Rules:[2]

1. Show up 30 mins before  the start of the tournament/league


2. Only two practice balls will be thrown on each lane before the tournament will begin.


3. Be sure to pay all fees before starting the game.


4. If bowling pins need to be reset, deadwood, or out-of-range, notify a league administrator to help with fixing the problem; DO NOT fix it yourself.


5.  No baby powder will be allowed!


Whether you bowl for a league, or you bowl for fun, you must always follow by these rules. Should you choose to do things otherwise, you take the risk of getting thrown out of the bowling alley, and you get stuck with a lot of time on your hands!


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