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Bowling Technique

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Writer 1: Taylor Ogle

Writer 2: Brad Leslie


There are three parts to the bowling technique which are: the grip, the approach, and the way one rolls the ball.

There are different ways of griping the ball.

  • The Grip
    • Conventional grip
      • The thumb is inserted all the way into the thumb hole and the ring finger and the middle finger are inserted into the side by side holes on the ball[1]
    • The Fingertip grip
      • Only finger tips are placed into bowling ball hole while the thumb remains the same.
    • The Palm grip
      • The fingers are not placed in the holes and the hand cups the ball in its palm in order to increase spin




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  • The Approach
  1. Start with the same foot as the throwing arm (right foot for right handed bowlers and left foot for left handed bowlers)
  2. Most bowlers take 3 to 6 steps while approaching the lane. Trial and error may be needed to discover how many steps feels like a comfortable bowl to you.
  3. After the first step the bowler should pull the swinging arm back and then after the next step bring the swinging arm forward, while leaning slightly forward.
  4. Release the ball.
  5. Follow through. Do not just immediatly turn and walk away from the lane immediatly after you bowl.[3]


  • The Roll
    • Bowling straight down the lane
      • Usually done with the convential grip or the fingertip grip.
    • Curving the ball down the lane
      • Usually done with the palm grip


 The goal of the spin is to make the ball turn right before it hits the pins in hopes of making the pins fall on each other (increasing the number of pins that fall). When aiming use the arrows on the lane pointing at the pins. To know where to stand use the 7 dots on the floor before the lane starts to make sure feet are in the correct place. Also  aim for the pocket to ensure that the highest amount of pins fall. A right handed bowler typically aims for the pocket between the 1st and 3rd pins and a left handed bowler typically aims for the pocket between the 1st and 2nd pins.[4]


People come up with their own bowling techniques and the key is to use your own style and what works best for you. 


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