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Bowling tips for beginners

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Bowling for Beginners

   1.       Basics

Bowling is a game based around rolling a large ball down a 60 foot lane in hopes of knocking down the 10 pins that are placed in an equilateral triangle. These balls range from 6 to 16 lbs. The game consists of 10 frames and two chances are allotted to the player in each frame (with the exception of the 10th frame in which you can have up to 3 throws). The highest score possible is 300if you get a strike every throw.


   2.       Equipment

a.       Choosing the right ball (fit and weight)

Choosing a ball with the right fit is extremely important part of bowling. The right fit deals with where the finger holes are located on the ball. Your thumb should be placed in the lower hole and your ring fingers are placed in the top two holes. As for the weight, a ball should be as heavy as possible but you should still be able to hold it with somewhat of a loose grip.  To test for proper weight of a ball, hold it with both outstretched hands and you should be able to maintain this position for 5 seconds.

b.      Shoes

When it comes to choosing a pair of shoes for bowling, the shoes should be able to resist excessive sliding upon approaching the foul line. They should also have a good skid free base. A rubber heal is also used to help slightly drive your approach.                  

                    c.       Accessories

1)     The most common accessory is a bowling glove. Bowling gloves are only usually used by professionals and some league bowlers. The glove itself provides stability for your wrist and helps to take some of the strain off of it, especially if you bowl for extended periods of time.

2)    Another key to the glove is that it will help you with form. Its main purpose is to help you repeat the same fluid motion over and over without having minor fluctuations in your wrist motion to help with consistency.

3)    Another occasional accessory is the bowling shirt. These shirts are often flashy but at the same time old school. Mainly used by league bowlers. They come in many shapes sizes and colors, often customized with a team name on the back and members name on the front.


3.    Scoring

 a.    The best thing you can do is to knock all 10 pins down in your 1st throw each     frame. This is what is known as a strike. Each strike counts as ten points plus however many pins you knock down within your next 2 attempts.

b.   If you don’t get all of the pins on the first attempt of the frame, the next best thing you can do is to get the rest of the pins with the 2nd throw of the frame. This will result in what is known as a spare. It also counts as 10 points for the frame just like the strike. The only difference is, instead of getting points added on to that frame for the next 2 throws like with a strike, you only get points added for the very next throw.

c. Besides scoring strikes and spares, the rest of the scoring is pretty simple. If you don’t get all the pins within the 2 throws, you only get points for the amount of pins you knock down in that frame. If the ball goes in the gutter or the foul line is crossed by the bowler than a score of 0 points is received. 

 4.       Rules

a.       Foul Line

The foul line is the line that separates the approach area with the bowling lane. If this line is crossed during the player’s approach than a foul occurs and an automatic score of zero is received on the throw. Any balls knocked down on the throw are re-spotted.


b.      Attire

          Proper bowling shoes must be worn at all times. This rule is in place because normal shoes can damage the lanes


 5.       Etiquette

a.      Bowler to the right goes first

b.      No food or drink allowed near the approach area

c.      The bowler should be ready to bowl when it is time for his or her turn

d.      Avoid using another bowler’s ball without permission

e.      Avoid using foul language


6.    Perfect form Video


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