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The most common and important of all Badminton strokes.


Two modes of clears: attacking and defensive. [1]


  • Attacking clears are long and lower to the court, not allowing much time for your opponent to adjust to the shot.
  • Defensive clears are long and higher in the air, giving you more time to get back into position for the next shot.







Both modes of clears can be performed either overhead or underarm and played on both the forehand and backhand grips, with point of impact always slightly in front of your body. [4]


  • Overhead clear is typically used to force your opponent to the backcourt in order to exploit the opening in the frontcourt that would result.
  • Underarm clear is typically played from the front court area. It can also be played high and deep or flat and deep, but that depends on the situation.



How to Hit an Overhead Clear Shot[5]


Step 1 - Get back, beneath and behind the shuttle, as it falls deep in your court.


Step 2 - Step your racquet foot back with most of your weight on it. Your non-racquet shoulder should point toward your target.


Step 3 - Hold both arms up, with your racquet out behind you and your other arm out for balance.


Step 4 -Bend your racquet arm at the elbow so that your racquet head is about shoulder height behind you. Your racquet hand should be near your ear.


Step 5 - Start your swing by extending your arm while rotating to face your target. Keep your wrist cocked.


Step 6 - Snap your wrist to make contact with the shuttle, in front of your racket shoulder.


Step 7 -Hit with an open racket face, so the shuttle is fired high and deep into your opponent's court.


Step 8 - Follow through, first by completely snapping your wrist and then letting your arm carry through the stroke.


Step 9 - Finish with your weight on your front foot. 



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