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Defensive Strategies

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First Author: Kara


The basics of team handball defense is simple. One player protects the goal inside the arc and the rest stand around the arc to prevent the offense entry. [1]


There are two styles of defense:

  1. zone: the defensive player protects his/her zone around the arc

  2. man-to-man: each defensive player guards an offensive player




There are three types of defensive strategy:

     1. 6-0 where all six defensive players form a wall around the arc

     2. 5-1 where five players protect the arc while one circles around and player runs around the 9 meter line trying to block the center forwards

     3. 3-3 formation usually only performed by very fast teams[2]


The most common defensive style is zone defense.

Zone- your "defensive space", back and forth from the 6 meter line to the 9 meter line and side to side to the other defenders at your side


6 important tactics for zone defense:

  1. Always be aware of the ball and your opponent

  2. When your opponent is coming into your space with the ball, step out to stop him at the 9 meter line

  3. Always stay between your opponent and the goal

  4. When your opponent does not have the ball you should be on the 6 meter line protecting your zone

  5. Move in respect to the ball. If your opponent is getting close with the ball, move forward. If your opponent passes the ball, fall back to the 6 meter line [3]






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Helena Baert said

at 4:42 pm on Feb 13, 2009

To Do: add picture/youtube video. You should be able to find a little more on this topic, especially when it comes to the zones players are responsible for. If you can't find anything, I will bring a book to class next time you can check.

Helena Baert said

at 11:39 pm on Feb 11, 2009

Please read the directions on the research assignment in close detail: footnotes must be inserted appropriately, links to other pages inserted, use headings and add a picture/video.

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