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  • Dribbling in Team Handball is just like dribbling in Basketball. 
  • The ball is moved by passing and dribbling. 
  • A player is allowed to run 3 steps with the ball or hold it for 3 seconds.  
    • There are no time restrictions on him/her for dribbling the ball. 
    • Yet, as soon as the ball is held with one or both hands(stop dribble), it must be released within 3 seconds. 
    • A player can run 3 steps, dribble any number of times, pick the ball up and run 3 more times. 
      • If the player dribbles again after the last sequence of steps, the call is a double dribble.  Just like  basketball, players can not dribble the ball after they have stopped their dribble. 
      • It is also a double dribble when 2 hands are used to bounce the ball. 
        • A double dribble results in  a free throw for the opponent. 
      • Passing the ball in the air and catching it yourself is a air dribble, which is not permitted.







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To do: insert refs (no refs means I must delete the entire page), add picture/video, add links to other pages. The content reads well!

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