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First Author: Brittany


Badminton Drive Shot


One of the most common shots in badminton is the drive shot.  A drive shot involves hitting the birdie in the front or on the side of the body. It us the only shot that is hit from the side.

The drive  shot is a : 

  •    attacking shot that is usually played from the sides of the court when the shuttle has fallen too low for it to be returned with a smash. The shuttle shall be between your shoulder and knee height. [1]



  • It is mainly used in doubles,  although it can be used in the single. [2]


  •  A flat and fast drive is use most often in  game play to get the shuttle behind your opponent. [3]



  •  can be played diagonally crosscourt or straight down the line.  [4]





How to hit a drive shot?


·         Step 1:  Take short steps to position yourself, and step forward with your non-racquet foot as you are about to hit the shuttle.



·         Step 2: Turn your non-racquet shoulder to face your target as you draw your racquet back.



·         Step 3 :Bend your elbow and cock your wrist back in preparation for the shot



·         Step 4: Swing your arm forward, straightening your elbow and pushing the racquet through the shuttle. Swing on a flat plane, with no upward motion.



·         Step 5: Strike the shuttle when it's about a foot or two in front of your body.



·         Step 6: Snap your wrist as the racquet strikes the shuttle. Hit with a vertical racquet face to drive the shuttle forward on a flat trajectory, just over the top of the net.



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