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First Author: Leslie



The "drop" is a particular stroke in Badminton that is used as an offensive move. When this stroke is used the birdy hardly makes it over the net due to the flat or straight down motion.


Drop stroke can be also labled as a...   [1]

  • slow drop shot
  • fast drop shot
  • drive-drop shot
  • straight drop
  • cross-court drop
  • drop shot to the middle


The drop stroke is a... 

  • short shot
  • overhand or underhand stroke [2]
  • soft or hard stroke

Best used when...   [3]  

  • the opponent is furthest away from the net
  • after a clear shot
  • close to the net


Where does a drop shot land?

A good target for where a drop shot should land is the short service line. When the player hits this target they don't have to worry about hitting the net.     [4]




How do you hit a drop shot?

  1. Place yourself behind the shuttle and position your non-dominate shoulder towards your target.
  2. Place your weight on the side you hold your racquet (dominate hand). This should be your back foot.
  3. Swing from your shoulder and open your body resembling an overhead clear.
  4. Now, place your weight onto your front foot.
  5. Flick your wrist and aim the shuttle dramaticly forward.
  6. With a closed racquet face hit the shuttle softly. This will result in the shuttle to go downward.
  7. Sidelines are the best place to target the shuttle.
  8. Use no wrist motion just a slite push, so the shuttle just about makes it over the net.
  9. Move back to the ready position.[5]




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