Faults in Team Handball

First Author: Sam M


In team handball there are five major penalty actions.


1. Throw in: occurs when the ball completely crosses a sideline or when the ball is last touched by a defensive player (not the goalie) before crossing the end line.   



2. Referee Throw: occurs when both teams break the rules simultaneously or the ball touches any object above the court such as the ceiling or a light fixture. [1]


3. Free Throw: for minor fouls and violations a fresh start to play is awarded to the offense without interruption from defense. [2]


4. Penalty Throw: when a serious offense occurs a shot is awarded from the 7 meter line unguarded by all except the goalie. 


5. Suspension: A progressive system for when violations occur against a player of the opposing team such as unsportsman-like conduct. 

     a. First offense for a player ( 3 per team) = Yellow Card

     b. Next offense = 2 minute suspension

     c. After third 2 minute suspension = disqualification or red card


For throw ins and free throws all defenders must stay 3 meters away from the player with the ball. Play is stopped and the throw occurs from where the violation occurred.


For the referee throw the teams move to the middle of the court and the referee throws the ball in the air similar to a jump ball in basketball.


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Penalty shot 


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