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First Author: Megan A.




1. Be in shape.

  • badminton is a great conditioning factor for the body.
  • need to be more fit then tennis players.
    • length of rallies and distance played is higher
  • you need a high endurance level.
  • Speed is key

2. Your fitness methods should be specific to badminton                                            

  •   strengthen areas that are actively used
    • wrists
    • elbows
    • shoulders
    • neck
    • chest
    • abs
    • back
    • thighs
    • knees
    • ankles


  • your fitness should be progressive
    • upgrade exercises gradually

3. Warm Up

  • jog
  • strengthing exercises

4. Use Variation

  • it'll keep you focused and interested

5. Cool down exercises

  • finish as you started


6. You will notice your fitness level when you play and attempt shots like the clear or the drop.



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