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First Author: Matt

Net Play


3 types of Net Play:


1. Net Shot: arching shot played from the net area back to your opponents net area[1]

Objective: force your opponent to hit a weak lift or hit shots that do not clear the net 

Tips for executing an effective net shot:

  • Keep racket in front of your body
  • Lunge forward aggressively with your racket leg
  • Extend arm and keep the racket high to ensure shuttle is hit as early as possible
  • The racket face must be parallel to the floor
  • Let the shuttle bounce off the racket face
  • The previous tip will cause the shuttle to tumble over the net    



Hairpin Net Shot : A net shot played when the shuttle has fallen close to the ground

Objective: Same as a regular net shot

Tips for executing an effective hairpin net shot:

  • Slice or lift racket a bit upon contact with the shuttle





2. Net Kill: played when opponent has hit a loose shot over the net providing an opening to strike the shuttle down from net area

Objective: strike the shuttle quickly downard to your opponents net area

Tips for executing an effective net kill: 

  • Hold racket head high enough to take the shuttle above the net level
  • The key is to be quick to the net
  • Use your wrist with little or no racket arm movement: minimizes chance of coming into contact with the net
  • After contact let racket rebound back to ensure no follow through
  • You can use a net shot to set up a net kill




3. Net Lift: underarm clear played from the net area

Objective: move opponent to the back court or create more time for yourself

Tips for executing an effective net shot:

  • Deceive opponent by moving forward as if you are hitting a net shot
  • Just before contact unlock wrist in a whip-like fashion and send shuttle to opponent's back court
  • Swing racket upwards as the shuttle drops in the hitting area
  • Follow through with your racket in the direction of the shuttle's trajectory
  • Trajectory will depend on your opponent's positioning



Net Shot Angles:


Straight Net Shots :

-Play this shot the most

-Leaves you well-positioned to cover opponents return

-Can use spin

-Tighter than cross-court shot


Cross-Court Net Shots:

-Riskier than straight net shot

-Not in position to cover an opponents straight net shot return esp. a smash

-Only positive is the element of surprise[2]


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  2. http://www.badmintonbible.com/articles/singles-tactics/building-shots/net-shots.php

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