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First Author: Salee



"Passing is the primary way to move the ball in attack." (1.)




  • the player receiving the initial pass must be at least 3 meters away
  • the offense tries to throw the ball past the opposing goalkeeper and into the goal
  • may not touch the ball twice in a row, unless it is being dribbled, fumbled, or passed from hand to hand
  • players may only hold the ball for 3 seconds before passing
  • the player with the ball is not allowed to take more than 3 steps



  • a team may not stall when in possession of the ball           


Different Types of Passing:

  •   Overhand (as seen below)
  •   Wrist pass (underhand)  





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                            2.  http://members.tripod.com/usadth/rules.html




  1. http://www.drwoolard.com/activities/team_handball_rules.pdf

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