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Quick Guide to using a wiki

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Wiki Quick Guide!



The basics how to's



HOW TO - Edit a page

  1. Click Edit on a page
  2. Type your content
  3. Click Save
  4. More options: Editing


HOW TO - Use the Editor Display

  1. It kind of works like word
  2. Have a look at all the different tools: Editor Display


HOW TO - Upload a File

  1. Place your cursor where you would like to attach the file
  2. Click 'Attach File' in the edit bar
  3. Select the file
  4. Click upload
  5. Once the file appears, click OK

You can upload PDFs, Word docs, and even Powerpoint Presentations.

Check out this page: Files & Images


HOW TO - Insert an Image

  1. Place your cursor where you would like to insert the image
  2. Click 'Insert Image' in the edit bar
  3. Select the image
  4. Click upload
  5. Once the image appears, click OK


HOW TO - Create links

  1. Highlight the word you would like to link to a page/folder/webpage
  2. Click on the link button in the Edit bar
  3. Choose what link you want to create: Page, Folder, URL (webpage) or email
  4. Find the page or enter in the information (paste in the URL or email)
  5. Click ok
  6. You will see that the highlighted word is now hyperlinked!
  7. Once you click save you will be able to click the hyperlink and check if it works.
  8. Other ways of doing this.


HOW TO - Add a Footnote

  1. Copy the URL or reference of where you found the information you wish to cite
  2. Place cursor following the sentence/paragraph that you are paraphrasing
  3. Click Insert Plugin
  4. Click Teaching Notes
  5. Go to Footnotes
  6. Paste the reference in the box
  7. Click Preview and OK
  8. You will see a funky little green thing which is normal!
  9. Click Save and you will see and number where you put your cursor that is link to the reference at the bottom of the page.


HOW TO - Add a Table

  1. Place your cursor where you would like to attach the file
  2. Click 'Attach File' in the edit bar
  3. Select the file
  4. Click upload


Getting Creative!


When creating a portfolio, it must be professional but it should also be personal. That means that your employer should get a sense of who you are not only as a teacher but also as a student/friend/family member/athlete... whatever you wish to share. Here are some tools you can add to make it more personal and creative. You do not need to use all these but you can and the tools to are here for you.

  1. Adding a calendar
    1. Calendar

  2. Adding a spreadsheet
    1. Spreadsheet

  3. Adding a powerpoint
    1. just like the one on the front page
    2. powerpoint

  4. Uploading a teaching video in your wiki
    1. Upload Video

    2. Insert YouTube Video

    3. Insert TeacherTube Video

  5. Adding a photo slideshow
    1. Photo-slideshow

  6. Embedding a google gadget/HTML script.
    1. See the google gadget directory for choices.
    2. Insert Google Gadget

    3. Insert HTML Script

  7. Adding page information such as frequent visitors, table of contents, footnotes
    1. Recent visitors

    2. Include another page (for example to preview your journal or blog)

    3. Table of Contents

    4. Footnote

  8. Adding Interactive Media
    2. Skype (see below for example to talk to me - Helena)
    3. Voki (see below for example to hear me talk - Helena)

Skype Me!

     9. How to do even more creative stuff

               Ever seen something cool and wonder how to add it on your workspace? This section will show you how!







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