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Team Handball Equipment

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First Author: Meghan

  • The ball and the goal are the only true equipment needed to play team handball. Other equipment includes sometimes gloves, uniforms.  

  • Uniforms are an important part of the team handball competition.

  • Each team must have different colored sets of clothing; one light and one dark.

  • The goal keeper can wear a shirt that has two or three different colors on it, with one color dominating the surface area, or can, if he or she wishes, wear his or her team’s field-player shirt that is not being used in that particular match.

  •  the team members’ shirts there must be clearly legible numbers placed at least twenty centimeters high on the back and at leach ten centimeters high on the chest.

  • Finally, the team captain wears an armband to distinguish his presence for the referees. It is roughly four centimeters wide in a color that contrasts the team uniform.






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Helena Baert said

at 4:39 pm on Feb 13, 2009

This content is very limited. You must explain the type of materials used in greater detail. Also, check the guide to see how you get the reference in a footnote.

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