Team Handball Players

First Authors: Olga &  David

Team Handball


Just like in an other sport, in team handball players are placed in positions that enchance their athletic abilities.  First of all, there are a total of seven players on the court per team. Six are players and one is the goalkeeper. 

 Offensive Player positions

 There are two wingmen, one circle runner or (pivot), two backcourt players, a centre and a goalkeeper.









Offensive attaking players can transport the ball up court by passing or dribbling.  They can only shoot for a goal if they are outside the acred goal area and players are not allowed in this goal area.  However, players can jump into the arc goal area and shoot for a goal.




Defensive Player Positions



There are also six players and one that serves as a goal keeper in defensive positions.

The tasks of the defensive players are the same as the offensive players they just have different names for the positions.


None of the players above are allowed to use methods of pulling, punching or hitting to get the ball away from the opponent.


The Blue are the defending players and the red are the attacking players.





NOTE:  Defensive positions block first and then create openings.