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Team Handball Syllabus Spring 2009

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Department of Health Science, Kinesiology, Recreation and Dance


PEAC 1901-005: Team Handball


Instructor:      Helena Baert (Bed, BPE, MSc in Kinesiology)


E-mail:            hbaert@uark.edu                                             Phone: 575-2976


Office:             HPER 219 (Check website for office hours)   Website: www.uarkpeac.pbwiki.com 


Course Description: This is an elective course in general studies. Students throughout the university may choose to take this course for credit. It provides an opportunity for students to gain knowledge and motor skills in the psychomotor area. This course is an introduction to the Olympic sport of Team Handball. 



Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

A.    Describe and demonstrate through course assignments and tests their understanding of the various components teaching and implementing a unit in Team Handball.

B.     Demonstrate basic skills in the sport of Team Handball using a mature movement pattern.

C.     Demonstrate team play concepts and strategies in mini-game play.

D.    Demonstrate knowledge of history, rules, safety and performance techniques in the sport of Team Handball.

E.     Analyze and evaluate student performance in the sport of Team Handball

F.      Navigate and utilize the Internet to locate vital information regarding badminton.

G.     Enjoy social interaction during physical activity.



Attendance and class Participation:            70 %

Wiki research Assignment                         10 %

Team Handball Knowledge test:                20 %

Team Handball Final Project:                     up to 20 points to make up 2 missed days

Total                                                         100%


Grading Scale

A = 85-100 %        B = 75-84.5 %             C = 65-74.5 %             D = 55-64.5 %             F = 54.5 % or Below


Required Equipment: Inappropriate attire will affect your participation grade

A.     Comfortable, appropriate clothing including sneakers. Jeans, jean shorts, and cut-offs are not appropriate attire.

B.   Text: We will create our own textbook on the wiki.  


Wiki: This class is going to be fun and enriching, but the success of the experiment depends on our work together as a class and intellectual community. At the same time that we're adjusting to new roles as learners, we're also attempting to learn and use new online communication media at a furious pace. By the end of the 8 weeks, you will know how and under what circumstances to use wikis. You will have also taken responsibility, to collaborate and communicate with peers. And you will use your newly-learned social media to create a collaborative living guide book that will benefit many students.


Inclement Weather Policy: Effective Fall 1996: If inclement weather causes the Fayetteville Public School System to suspend and/or cancel classes, this class will also be cancelled. Check local TV and radios or the Fayetteville Public School system website (http://www.fayar.net) to confirm.


Note: Departmental policies:

1. No distinction is made between "excused" and "unexcused" absences.

2. Any student absent as an "official representative" of the University MUST make arrangements for make up work prior to the anticipated absence (refer to the current Undergraduate Studies Catalog, Appendix C, Student Handbook). Written documentation on letterhead stationery from faculty sponsor is required prior to the absence.


Communications: If you have any questions about the course material, email the instructor. The instructor will check e-mail on weekdays from 8am to 5pm and will respond to course-related questions within 48 hours. It is rare that the instructor checks e-mail between 5pm on Friday and 8am on Monday; e-mails received during this time period will be replied to as time permits on Monday and Tuesday.


Academic Honesty

The application of the University of Arkansas Academic Honesty Policy, as stated in the current

Undergraduate Studies Catalog will be fully adhered to in this course. Grades and degrees earned by dishonest means devalue those earned by all students; therefore, it is important that students are aware of the University of Arkansas Academic Honesty Policy. Academic dishonesty involves acts which may subvert or compromise the integrity of the educational policy.


Locker Rental: One-semester locker rentals are available for dressing rooms and Fitness Center. Locker rentals may be handled at the Cashier's Office on the second level across from the Service Center. No purses, books, bags, clothing, or equipment is permitted in the hallways or weight room. Please use the appropriate dressing room, not HPER bathrooms for changing of attire.


Disruptive Behavior: 1st occurrence during class = verbal warning, 2nd occurrence during class = class dismissal (no credit for the day). A second dismissal will result in a full letter grade being taken off of your possible final grade, in addition to any other points lost. A third dismissal will result in an automatic “F” for the course. Being disrespectful to others, refusal to take part in an activity, foul language, and sexual harassment are some possible examples of what might be deemed “disruptive.” Some extreme behavior can result in immediate dismissal (showing up under-the-influence, etc.).




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