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Team USA

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Writer 1: Nathan Lancaster

Writer 2:Will Skelton

Team U.S.A.






  • In 1961 the U.S. joined the Federation Internationale des Quilleurs, which is now considered bowling’s worldwide governing body 
  • Team USA officially entered into its first bowling competition in the 1963 FIQ world championships in Mexico
  • Team USA handled the competition well, winning seven out of the eight gold medals at the event


The Orgainization

  •  USBC’s (United States Bowling Congress) Team USA is a group of men and women that represent the U.S. in international bowling competitions.
  • Consists of amatuer and professional bowlers
  • Men and womens teams consist of a minimum of 10 bowlers per team
  • The top 3 men and women receive automatic spots on the team
  • The remaining spots on the team are decided on performance during the 4 day, 9 games a day (total of 36 games), try-outs
  • Each day of try-outs the lane oil patterns change to challenge the athletes

Putting Bowling on the Map

  • The two most prominant members of the USA bowling team are Jerry Koenig and Fred Borden 
  •                     -These two men helped make bowling a more globally recognized sport
  • Jerry Koenig helped achieve exhibition game status for bowling in the 1987 Olympic Games in South Korea 
  • Fred Borden revolutionized coaching in bowling, winning the 1991 Pan American Games in Havana, Cuba
  •                     -Borden also helped shape USA Bowling Coaches (known currently as USBC Coaching) program's core curriculum
  •                     -The coaching program greatly helped deepen the talent pool in USA's competitive bowling
  • The most prominent female member of the USA team, Diandra Asbaty, was Borden's former student
  • Asbaty is a two time U.S. Amatuer champion and a member of Team USA for ten years
  • Asbaty is know as one of the best female bowlers in the world, winning four medals  [1]
  • Current listed members of Team USA bowling are Patrick Allen, Deek Eoff, David Haynes, Bill Hoffman, and John Janawicz [2]


Contact Info

Any further questions can be answered by:

David Garber

Team USA High Performance Director


(817) 385-8280


Pat Winkels

Team USA manager


(817) 385-8226

















  1. http://bowl.com/teamusa/index.jsp
  2. http://www.bowling.teamusa.org/athlete

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