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The mental game of bowling

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There are many things that contribute to the mental game of bowling. First, concentration and confidence are key aspects of the mental game of bowling. Knowledge and equipment account for about 50% of a bowler’s mental game. Your mental game of bowling will improve if you absorb accurate and helpful information about bowling. Many people claim to be experts, but may not be the best source for information. There are also many bowling manuals books and videotapes.


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The approach to the mental game of bowling is very important. Many people use a combination of the following techniques. First, a pre-bowling visualization of your roll will improve your mental game of bowling. Next, relaxation/self hypnosis will help improve your mental game of bowling. Next, concentration is very important. Finally, Subliminal tapes can help you relax and place you in a more concentrated almost Zen mode. One thing many bowlers do is they tend to over think their shots or become excited and then focus is lost. One should also always be positive and think positive which will keep you focused on what you want to achieve.


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Another helpful tip is to visualize your shots at night before you go to bed if you do not have time to practice. The same way you train your body to have muscle memory, your brain will train itself to see a shot happen and complete it successfully. It is also helpful to think of the shot as if you are bowling between two posts or at a trashcan and not a pins.


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The Mental Plan


  1. Decide- Decide what you want to do with your shot before you get up to bowl.
  2. Commit-When you get up to take your shot go for it!
  3. Make shot- Don’t stand there and think just do what your body knows it should do.
  4. Deal with emotions- You have 15 seconds after your shot to deal with your emotions and be happy or angry with yourself.
  5. Refocus- Evaluate your shot and decide if you need to make corrections and then get prepared for your next shot.


The Shot Cycle


  1. In your pre-shot routine plan on what you intend to do and how you intend to do it. A good habit to get into is breathing in your nose and out your mouth, which signals your brain that it’s go time.
  2. When you initiate your intention into movement bowl wholeheartedly. Don’t stand in the approach area and think about the shot just do it!
  3. Evaluate with mental and emotional reactions. This will help you with shot repetition.


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 A few videos that might help with your mental game of bowling





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