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Warming up for bowling

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Writer 1: Kaitlin Chandler

Writer 2: Brandon Shipman


     Bowling takes a relatively low level of exercise, but warming up is still very important. During the game repeated stress is put on to the arms, wrists, hands, and knees.[1] Warming up, you should use the muscles that are involved in the game and get your blood flowing through them. The whole purpose of warming up is to prepare your body for beginning physical activity and your mind for the game you are about to begin. During this time your focus should shift from the stresses of daily life to the game ahead of you.[2]


5 Common Tips For Warming Up:

1) Stretch! 

     Get your Muscles Moving! It is very important to do warm up exercises for primarily your neck and shoulders at the start of bowling. Each stretch needs to be held for about eight seconds in order to properly work your muscles (Lee).

     Do a few toe touches: Begin by crossing your legs, with the right foot on the other side of the left foot.  Then, bend your body forward at the waist all the while

     moving your fingers as close as you can toward your toes (Higa). Repeat the exercise, but this time put the left foot over the right foot (Higa).

2) Start Sweating..

     Raise your body temperature to get your blood flowing through your muscles. 

3)  Don't forget the Arms and Hands!

     Many bowlers accidently forget this very important part of their stretching routine even though these are very important muscles to the game of bowling.

4) Breath!!!

     Deep breathing is a very calming exercise and helps you to not get tired so easily by strengthening your lungs. Remembering to take deep breaths is a vital part of any warm up session (Lee).  According to Peter Lee proper breathing techniques involve taking in deep breath, hold it for about six counts, and then breathe out.

     Repeat.  By doing this breathing exercise you will have more stamina because your lungs will be in better shape.

5) Warm up FIRST.

     Be sure to do some warm up exercises before you start your regular bowling warm up routine. . You need to raise your body temperature and start sweating.  And if you ever feel pain while stretching, stop immediately (Lee).



      If you don’t warm up "micro-trauma" straining will occur over time and could cause injury to your elbow, wrist, hands and shoulders.[3] 


**The following exercises include Stretching Muscles, Toe Touches, breathing techniques, and warm up exercises to help further your bowling game:



Important Muscle Groups Used in Bowling:

(These Groups Need to be Highlighted in the Stretching Routine)

Forearm, Torso, Shoulder, Back, Hips, and Legs




It is important to make sure your blood is flowing and your muscles are loose before you start bowling. Warm up time is usually given to practice your approach and get used to the lane you are bowling on. Use this time wisely, but don't get in a hurry and skip your stretching! There should be time for both parts of your warm up.  By following these tips when you get ready to bowl, you can be sure to have not just a comfortable and injury free game of bowling, but a better game score as well.





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